Piercing Aftercare

Please keep in mind this is our RECOMMENDED aftercare for what we have found to work best with our clients. It is not necessarily fact and some things might work better for your particular situation.


General Instructions

First and foremost, this applies to any and every piercing; take care of your body. Your body is healing your piercing, not the cleaning. Boost your immune system. Eating healthy, staying hydrated, taking vitamins like vitamin C and Zinc, getting rest, and reducing stress are all important factors that can greatly reduce your healing time. The healthier your lifestyle is, the easier your healing process will be.


Oral Piercing Aftercare Suggestions

Oral Piercings (tongue, inside of the lip, webbing, etc) The best thing to do when taking care of a fresh oral piercing is to make sure you keep up with proper oral hygiene. Use a new toothbrush. Floss, brush, and use an alcohol free mouthwash twice a day for the entire healing process of your new piercing. Throughout the rest of the day, make sure to drink a lot of bottled or filtered water and make sure to rinse your mouth after you eat with this water to clear the area from any type of food debris.

For at least the first week stay away from spicy foods and cut back on any smoking.

Refrain from any “wet” kissing (making out, french kissing, whatever you choose to call it), and no oral sex for the initial healing period.


Standard Body Piercing Aftercare Suggestions

Standard Body Piercings (navel, nostril, eyebrow, cartilage, lip, surface, etc)

We recommend using saline soaks 2 – 3 times a day for the initial healing period, and once a day with daily cleaning habits AFTER the initial healing period is over. We recommend the product Wound Wash Saline. For this product all you need to do is soak a piece of gauze in saline and simply hold it up to your piercing for a few minutes at a time. If there are any leftover “crusties” on your jewelry, gently remove them with soaked gauze.


NEVER USE: Rubbing alcohol, peroxide, bactine, ointments like neosporin, or any of the Ear Care Solutions. All of these products are too harsh, will dry your piercing out, and kill off healthy body cells your body needs to heal your piercing. Ointments like neosporin will block off oxygen from your piercing and can become sticky and attract bacteria to grow on the area.

Leave your piercing alone! Don’t play with the jewelry. No need to move it around because this will just cause trauma to the area. NEVER remove the jewelry to clean it.

If you have any questions at all about your healing, don’t be afraid to contact our piercer at any time.