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HEY EVERYONE: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, these are some strange times. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. We miss tattooing and piercing, but more importantly we miss hanging out with all of you. We truly appreciate all of your support throughout these past 15 years.

Safety has ALWAYS been our top priority. 12 oz. Studios remains closed until the CDC and Gov. Murphy tell us otherwise. Although we are a resilient bunch, this indefinite closure is definitely a strain on all of us (start of a new month and new bills).

If you have the means at this stage, consider buying a 12 oz. Studios Gift e-certificate available on our website today. To help our clients through these trying times, we’ve decided to bring back our bonus bucks promotion (with every $100 you spend you’ll receive an additional 20% in bonus bucks FREE. Bonus bucks are listed on our e-gift certificates as ‘extra credit’). We hope things will get back to normal and we get see you all soon.


J. Isobel Delisle Photography

12 oz. Studios™ defines the word “lifestyle”.  As a unit and as individuals, we wake up everyday to create. We are a multi-project lifestyle brand that houses a tattoo and body piercing shop, a clothing line, and an art gallery.

Founded by Alex Feliciano in 2005, 12 oz. Studios opened its doors as a custom tattoo and body piercing shop within an art gallery space. We called it a retail art studio, bringing the best in tattoos, body piercing, and original artwork to the South Jersey/ Philadelphia area. Our shops and all of our employees are registered with the Camden County Board of Health/Gloucester county Board of Health and we uphold the highest standards of sterilization along with top quality tattoo and piercing techniques. We continue to grow as individuals as well as a shop(s). We do all that we can to educate our customers and all others willing to learn about our industry and show how serious we are about bringing the best to our profession.

We are first and foremost ARTISTS.  We have chosen to showcase our artwork not only through drawings, paintings, and sculptures, but also on the human body.  We are a custom shop and very creative and diverse group of individual artists that want to give something truly unique to each of our customers. When you walk into 12 oz. Studios, the first thing you may notice is all the artwork on the walls.  We are not a flash shop, but we do have a small display of flash to be used for inspiration, and most of the flash in our racks is our own artwork. You can get a better understanding of our shop and our artists by reading the individual bios on our website.
12 oz Studios’ Apparel – Crown and Arrows™
12 oz. Apparel ™ debuted as advertising t-shirts for the tattoo shop, with most selling out immediately. As soon as one design would sell out, a new design was introduced. Due to the high demand and limited prints, we had to start a call list to let customers know as soon as the new designs were delivered.
Crown and Arrows™ Artistic Directors Alex Feliciano and Jose Bolorin grew up across the bridge from Philadelphia in Camden, NJ during the late 80’s and 90‘s, where they started airbrushing “street wear”.  In 2001 Alex started his first line of t-shirts called “K.I.N.G.”™ , which comprised of designs based on the 4 elements of hip-hop (graffiti, b-boying/breakdancing, DJ-ing, and MC-ing). Having only regional success that predates the current surge of internet marketing, “K.I.N.G.™” faded out.
Their new designs for Crown and Arrows™ are inspired by the urban lifestyle surrounded by graffiti, skateboarding, biking, hip-hop, punk rock, car culture, and everyday life as tattoo artists. The line includes graphic  t-shirts, hoodies, sweat shirts, headwear and accessories. Just like in the beginning, the line will be sold in limited quantities and will be designed by our in-house artists, as well as collaborations with our friends and artists in our industry that also wake up to create.


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