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12 oz. Studios is Hiring!

12 oz. Studios is on the lookout for talented artists to join our award winning tattoo shops located in Brooklawn and Deptford, NJ. Seasoned vets who have been tattooing for years and young tattooers (2 year’s experience minimum) eager to learn are both encouraged to apply. We have a very positive atmosphere and helpful staff hell bent on producing the best tattoos and experience for our clients. Quality, reputation, and client experience are key.

Only professionals who leave all their drama at home and bring their A game to the studio need apply. If you are a talented, self-motivated, responsible, and hard working tattoo artist who wants to invest time building a clientele, please email with a resume and links to where we can see your work (ex: Facebook, Instagram, website, etc.).

Please understand that while we try our best to respond to everyone, we can’t guarantee it.

Tattoo artist wanted ad 8-15-18

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Welcome Jack Giovinetti to 12 oz. Studios!

Ladies and gentlemen! We are pleased to announce the latest addition to the 12 oz. Studios Deptford shop, Giacomo “Jack” Giovinetti. Jack brings with him a fresh neo-traditional style and is down to tattoo anything and everything you can throw at him. You can click here to check out Jack’s portfolio as well as get in touch with him directly. Welcome aboard, Jack! Happy to have you part of the 12 oz. crew!

welcome jack

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Come Be a Guest Artist at 12 oz. Studios.

Guest spot

Attention tattoo artists!  We are inviting you to be a guest artist at our tattoo shops!  Great opportunity to tattoo your clientele and take walk-ins.  We’ll also help advertise your stay with us!  Submit your portfolio to for us to check out!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Art show thank you

From all of us at 12 oz. Studios, we’d like to send a HUGE thank you out to all who attended our 12th year anniversary art show, “12 Years of 12 oz Studios”. We hope you had just as much fun hanging out and seeing brilliant works of art as we did creating them. It was great to take a trip down memory lane and see pieces from former 12 oz.’ers that we were fortunate enough to work with and see all of the old banners and signs Alex had created back when the shop first opened.
It goes without saying, but our amazing group of clients is the reason for our continued success as well as inspiration to create incredible tattoos and beautiful pieces of art. For those who were unable to attend you are in luck! All of the artwork displayed at the opening reception will remain up at our Brooklawn shop so feel free to stop by, we’d love to see you! Thanks again everyone, and we can’t wait to put on another show!
You can click here to view the work from our artists.
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It’s our 8 year anniversary

Yesterday, January 13 was a special day.  It was a good sunday. It was quiet, relaxing, and kinda gloomy, but perfect. It was the perfect time to reflect on the last eight year. You see eight years ago on this day, 12 oz Studios opened its doors. So I spent the day sketching what will become a new T-shirt to commemorate the 8 year anniversary and drinking a Bacardi 8 years aged rum on the rocks… It was a good day.


sketch jan 13Looking back at the days before we opened, all I can think of all the people that helped make it happen.  The shenanigans that went down almost daily. The damn shlamp we couldn’t get rid of (it was a lamp that was attached to a shelve, 70’s style all the way).  How after we got our approval from the board of health, we got our licenses and try to celebrate by going to NYC and never making it cuz the car was acting up on the way there and driving very slow back home. Soon after opening. the shop became everyones hang out. The silly shit we did on our off time. The nights drinking all over Philly. We have seen so many of our customers grow up from crazy kids, to responsible adults with kids or just grow as people.  It’s amazing.  I reminisced a lot yesterday.

In 8 years lots has changed.  Back then 12 oz was one of the first custom only tattoo shops in our area. With very little flash and the walls were covered by paintings and art created by  people who work there, we were trying to show everyone that tattooing was an art form.  We wanted to make all those people that didn’t like tattoos question their opinion by creating amazing art on skin. Our principle of good work and our reputation is more important than money was the key. It was about the quality. We want to be that shop that will be here forever. Our tattoos are an extension of ourselves.  It all started with just two artist,  Alex and Meghan. Now we have an amazing crew with the same principles that is 12 oz. What we started 8 years ago now seems the norm now. But back then it seemed that 12 oz was the first Tattoo art gallery that holding art shows, specializing in one of kind tattoos, quality of quantity and trying to do something different. Today this still is true.

I could list here everyone I have to thank, but in 8 years, millions of people we’ve met, countless drinks, haha. I will inevitably forget someone. Those who have been part of the 12 oz history know how important they are. Our hard working artist, passed and present, that inspired the growth artistically. Our friends that still come to the shop to hang out, knowing that we are at work and are not normal. The rest of the staff that make sure the business end runs right and our customers are comfortable.  And of course, our customers that let us create and keep coming back for more. Thank you all.


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Give them the gift that they’ll have forever

It’s that time of year again. YAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time to jump start that economy & Occupy Wall Street by shopping at independent shops ha ha. But if you’re like me, I get more joy out of giving. So here’s the sales pitch, “Give them the gift that they’ll have forever.” Or hell get one for yourself.  Many of our customers with large project tattoos are buying these to get the extra discount on their sleeves and back pieces.

And in the spirit of giving.  From now to December 23, for every $50 you spend on Gift certificates, we will GIVE you an extra $5. And if you buy a $500 give certificate we’ll GIVE you an extra $100. Yes kids $100 extra.  It can be all put in one Gift certificate or break it up into a couple. Long as you spend the right amount, you get the extra $.


We are also collecting toys for kids in need at our shops. Stop by 12 oz Studios in Brooklawn or Deptford with a new unwrapped toy from now until December 20 and receive $10 off any piercing,   $10 off any tattoo from 50-100,   $20 off any tattoo from $101-200,  $30 off 201-300, etc. It doesn’t even have to be used the day you bring the toy. You can use your toy money later on.  You will also be entered in our raffle. We will be giving away a free piercing, gift certificate, and hoodies, t-shirts, We’re giving a lot of stuff away! Every kid deserves a great xmas, together we can all help!

 12 oz. Studios Brooklawn                                                   12 oz. Studios Deptford                 116 new Broadway                                                               1135 Hurffville rd (RT 41)   Brooklawn, NJ 08030                                                         Deptford, NJ 08096                     856-742-1234                                                                       856-845-2222

  I wanna thank everyone who has helped so far and all of you that are going to help.  Let’s bring a little Joy so some kids.

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Obsessed Piercer stabs New Jersey Residents



Hey Everyone. For those that haven’t seen the work of our piercer AJ, Here  is his Feature. AJ is a very accomplished piercer. In my 14 years of tattooing I’ve work with many piercers. He’s probably the most obsessed piercer I’ve met. Even with all his years of experience he is still constantly learning, researching, and sharing information with his peers in the piercing community to stay updated on technique, jewelry quality, piercing placement, aftercare and any other bit of information he can get his ears on.. Like I said…Obsessed.. obviously in a good way. You’ll know you’re getting the best piercing, with the best quality jewelry out there. He is open to answer any of your questions and will definitely have all the answers. For prices and Questions please call the studio and talk directly with AJ.  You will then know for certain why he will be doing your next and every other piercing you ever get.  AJ does his magic at our 12 oz Studios Deptford Shop. Here we have a new modern studio with a larger show room that we can easily and positively say has the largest high quality piercing jewelry in South Jersey.

Monday-Thursday 2pm-9pm     Friday & Saturday 12pm-9pm

12 oz. Studios

Timber Creek Plaza

1135 Hurffville Rd. (RT 41)

Deptford, NJ 08096


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Our Featured tattoos this week

We posted Meghan’s new tattoo work on our facebook page and these pictures have had so much response that we had no choice than make it our Feature tattoo of last week. These pictures were taken right after they were done.  Both girls sat through the whole tattoo in one sitting. Four hours each. Tough girlie girls. Enjoy.

We are going to start posting tattoo of the day, and the week. You great people can help judge. Like us on face book and like the pics. Eventually there will be a prize for you…Our fans.. Remember with out you our work would just be doodles. Thank you 12 oz. customers.

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Documenting Tattoo History Before it’s Gone

Tattooing has changed a lot in the 14 years that I have been doing it.  I once quoted, “that you can’t move forward in your future, if you don’t understand or appreciate your past. The Legends are either dead or growing old.  Their legacy continues with ever stroke of a needle, their artwork or the machines they’ve left behind.  Wether you are a new skool or traditional artist, these pioneers set the stage for you to shine.

For those legends that passed.  We appreciate what you left behind.  Every time people see a green faded tattoo, I see living history.  We need to capture these before it’s long gone.  Every time I’m out of the shop, I’m on the look out as well as my fellow artist at the shop.  Here is one instance of finding  living historical art.

This is Ed.  Brendan met him at a local convenience store and invited him to 12 oz Studios to talk about his classic tattoo work.  Ed is one of those old navy guy that everyone equated to the “type” that got tattooed.   He first got tattooed in 1955 in Philadelphia by a man named “Pop Huff”.  Ed was 15 and he used a friend’s ID that apparently looked nothing like him.  Pop Huff put the swallow on his upper shoulder.  Ed was also tattooed by the local legend Sailor Eddie.  He was also lucky enough to be tattooed by Paul Rogers when he was working with Eddie in Camden, New Jersey.  Ed referred to Rogers as “the old guy”.  On Ed’s left shoulder is the classic image of the “gypsy head” and below that a panther head.  Both of these were done in Japan by hand.  They weren’t applied in the traditional Japanese tebori style where a group of needles are attatched to a stick. Ed described the artist using some bamboo and some other object to tap the ink in. “How long would this take nowadays?  Half an hour maybe?  This took 5 hours.  Hurt like hell!” Ed is one of the few people still around that has collected some fantastic permanent pieces of history.  Any time we come across these aging living canvases like our friend Ed, its really in our best interest to take the time to ask their story and show some respect to the original artists who decorated these colorful characters.

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12 oz. Studios Custom Tattoos and Body Piercing

J. Isobel Delisle Photography

12 oz. Studios defines the word “lifestyle”.  As a unit and as individuals we wake up everyday to create. We are a multi-project lifestyle brand that houses a tattoo and body piercing shop, a clothing line, an art gallery and Love Thy Neighbor Magazine.

Founded by Alex Feliciano in 2005, 12 oz. Studios opened its doors as a custom tattoo and body piercing shop set in an art gallery space. It’s what we call a retail art studio, bringing the best in tattoos, body piercing, and original artwork to the South Jersey/ Philadelphia area. Our shop and all of our employees are registered with the Camden County Board of Health and we uphold the highest standards of sterilization along with tattoo and piercing techniques. We will continue to grow as individuals and as a shop and will do all that we can to educate our customers and all others willing to learn about our industry and how serious we are about bringing the best to our profession. Still to this day we wake up to create.
We are first and foremost ARTISTS.  We have chosen to showcase our artwork not only through drawings, paintings, and sculptures, but also on the human body.  We are a custom shop and a very creative and diverse group of individual artists that want to give something unique to each of our customers. When you walk into 12 oz. Studios the first thing you may notice is all the artwork on the walls.  We are not a flash shop but we do have a small display of flash to be used for inspiration, and most of the flash in the rack is our own artwork. You can get a better understanding of our shop and our artist by reading the individual bios on our website.
12 oz Studios’ Apparel- Crown and Aroows
12 oz. Studios Apparel debuted as advertising t-shirts for the tattoo shop. Most selling out immediately. As soon as one design would sell out, a new design was introduced. Due to the high demand and limited prints, we had to start a call list to let customers know as soon as the new designs were delivered.
Crown and Arrows‘ Artistic Directors Alex Feliciano and Jose Bolorin grew up across the bridge from Philadelphia in Camden, NJ during the late 80’s and 90‘s, where they started airbrushing “streetwear”. In 2001 Alex started his first line of t-shirts called “K.I.N.G.” which comprised of designs based on the 4 elements of hip-hop (graffiti, b-boying/breakdancing, DJ-ing, and MC-ing). Having only regional success that pre-dates the current surge of internet marketing, “K.I.N.G.” faded out.
Their new designs for Crown and Arrows are inspired by their urban lifestyle surrounded by graffiti, skateboarding, biking, hip-hop, punk, car culture and everyday life as tattoo artists. The line includes graphic  t-shirts, hoodies, sweat shirts, headwear and accessories. Just like in the beginning, the line will be sold in limited quantities and will be designed by our in-house artists, as well as collaborations with our friends and artists in our industry that also wakes up to create.


12oz Studios Stores
12 oz. Studios Brooklawn
Custom Tattoos and Body Piercing
116 new Broadway
Brooklawn, NJ 08031
Monday-Thursday:   2pm-9pm
Friday-Saturday:      12pm-9pm
Sunday:                    12pm-6pm
12 oz. Studios Deptford  
Clothing, Custom Tattoos, and Body Piercing
Timber Creek Plaza
1135 Hurffville Rd. unit #6
Deptford, NJ 08096
Monday-Saturday:    12pm-9pm
Sunday:                     12pm-6pm