15 thoughts on “Piercing Aftercare”

    1. Hi Brianna! I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “smiley piercing”. Your best bet would be to call our Deptford shop and speak with AJ (856 845 2222 Tuesday through Saturday). He’ll definitely be able to help!

  1. Does AJ do Ashley piercings? (inverse vertical labret) if so, how much does it cost!?

    1. Hi, Sara! I believe so but your better off stopping by our Deptford shop and speaking with AJ (he’s in tues through sat) or give him a call, 856 845 2222. In some cases this may be an anatomy dependent piercing so he’ll need to see the area in person. As far as cost you are probably starting at $65 and going up from there depending on jewelry.

    1. Hi, Armani. Tongue piercings start at $75 (Piercing and jewelry included) and go up from there. For more specific pricing please stop by our Deptford shop Tuesday through Saturday and speak with our piercer AJ.

    1. For both nipples it will start at $120 (piercing and basic jewelry included). It can go up from there depending on the jewelry you choose

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