Brendan “Sailor B” Poblocki

Brendan came to 12 oz. Studios in 2005 where he apprenticed under owner and award winning artist Alex Feliciano.   Originally from New England, Brendan spent most of his childhood around boating and fishing in Massachusetts.  This has certainly manifested itself in his love of traditional style tattooing.

When asked why he loves traditional work so much Brendan says, “I like traditional tattooing because you know pretty much what you’re looking at, even from a distance. It gets the point across quickly and simply without relying on ‘special effects’. I just like the boldness of the outline and the power of the solid color, or lack of when there’s whip-shading and open skin tone involved. I tattoo with the thought of how the tattoo will age so I suppose in a way I guess that’s why the tattoos I do look the way they do. I like the challenge of taking an idea and making it look like I did it, the way I do things, so you can say “yup, Brendan did that one…”

Brendan works at our Brooklawn shop by appointment only. To schedule an appointment with Brendan please text him directly at 856-617-2297 or email him at .

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