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  1. Hi Carl. Unfortunately, we can’t price tattoos based on pics sent through email. We would need you to stop by either shop with the image you’d like tattooed so we can see it in person. We need to see how large/small you want it and where it’s going on your body.

  2. Hi, Cierra. What we recommend is taking a look at everyone’s portfolio to find an artist you’d like to work with. Once you’ve chosen an artist we can book you a consultation with them to discuss adding on to your tattoo. When you’ve worked that out you’ll schedule a tattoo appointment, leave a deposit, and then the artist will begin designing your piece. You can call our shop(s) to schedule your consultation.

  3. Hello Brianne. You’ll need to call our Deptford shop (856-845-2222) and speak with our piercer AJ. He’ll be happy to give you a price range!

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