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Please help us by voting

Every year we are up for the PHL 17 Philly’s Hot list for best tattoo shop. Do 12 oz Studios a favor and please vote for us on the Philly’s hot list and best of philly. Only takes a few seconds and I even provided the link. We still have 29 Days to vote and I hear you can vote once every 24 hours.

Please encourage your friend to do so. We are working out a $20 gift certificate promotion to go along with every vote. Just not good with working on the hotlist website. For those of you have vote, we will honor your gift.  We have 29 days left to vote and at the end the person who diverts and repost the most gets a bigger gift certificate.

Thank you all for your support. We know without  you, we would all just be doodling on paper instead of your skin.. haha

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Updated Portfolios

In the next few weeks we will be updating everyones portfolio. We will be releasing them every few days. This way you can continue to come back and check us out…haha.

In this installment, we have updated Tami’s Portfolio. Tami has been with 12 oz for over a year now and works at 12 oz. Brooklawn. She has been a great addition to our family and I’m sure her tattoos will be a great addition to your collection. Make sure to check out her page above.

Her attention to detail is what lead this tattoo to look exactly like embroidery.